Zazenkai is a full day of practice, which is held three times a year. It is a day of deepening practice by participating in more prolonged meditation. It is also a stepping stone towards gradually becoming involved in longer residential meditation intensives.

Zazenkai is held at Kangaroo Ground, near Eltham & Warrandyte. See Our Location for address, and Upcoming Calendar for dates.


To support the health of our Sangha and community, Monthly Meditations and Zazenkai at Kangaroo Ground are closed until further notice.

To support ongoing practice, sittings are occurring online. Please Contact Us or Subscribe to our Newsletter for more information.
Zazenkai v1

The schedule for zazenkai is as follows:
7.30 Arrival
8.00 Zazen
10.00 Tea break
10.30 Sutra service
10.50 Zazen
11.30 Reflective talk
12.00 Zazen
1.00 Lunch
2.00 Zazen
3.00 Mindful movement
3.30 Zazen
4.25 Close