Zazenkai v1

Zazenkai is a full day of practice, which is held three times a year. It is a day of deepening practice by participating in more prolonged meditation. It is also a stepping stone towards gradually becoming involved in longer residential meditation intensives.

Zazenkai is held at Kangaroo Ground, near Eltham & Warrandyte. See Our Location for address, and Upcoming Calendar for dates.

The schedule for zazenkai is as follows:
7:30 Arrival
8:00 Zazen
10:00 Tea break
10:30 Sutra service
10:50 Zazen
11:30 Reflective talk
12:00 Zazen
1:00 Lunch
2:00 Zazen
3:00 Mindful movement
3:30 Zazen
4:25 Close