Sesshin 2020

Saturday 31st October to Tuesday 3rd November 2020

Our sesshin will combine the rich Zen traditions of the monastery and of the hermit, as we adapt our practices to the current Covid-dominated world.

Generally, Ordinary Mind and most other current Zen groups draw heavily on the monastic way of collective practice of zazen, which probably was generated after Zen’s transmission to China in the 6th century. However, this approach co-exists alongside of an earlier tradition of individual, isolated practice as typified by a practitioner’s withdrawal to a place of solitude in the forests or mountain caves. Many famous teachers, even in modern times, have practised in both ways.

Bringing these two traditions together, our upcoming sesshin will draw both on the wonders of modern technology to create a virtual group practice, while at the same time promoting individual practice in between the group sittings.


Most days will begin and end with a collective zazen session, including dharma talks by and interviews (daisan) with our teacher, Geoff Dawson. In between, participants will follow their own practices, including further sitting and walking meditation, and fulfilling in a mindful manner whatever daily tasks are necessary in a home setting, such as cooking, cleaning, parenting, etc. We recommended maintaining the spirit of silence where possible, and spending plenty of time outdoors in nature.

Saturday 31st October:
2pm – 9 pm Zazen, includes breaks and mindful movement

Sunday & Monday, 1st -2nd November:
6am – 8am Sutras and Zazen
7pm -9 pm Dharma talk, Daisan and Zazen

Tuesday 3rd November: 
6am – 8 am Sutras and Zazen
10am- 12pm Zazen and Shosan.


The sesshin is suitable for students of Ordinary Mind Zen who are familiar with the practice (ie. have attended sesshin or zazenkai previously), both from Melbourne and interstate/overseas.

Please follow this link to register to attend