Reflective Talks

Reflective Talks from the Ordinary Mind Zen Melbourne Group

Giving Life to Life: Buddhist Perspectives on Climate Change by Anja Tanhane 18 August 2019

Practice and Vulnerability by Anja Tanhane 21 July 2019

Buddha Within  by Tom Fisher  19 May 2019

Why Practise Zazen?  by Anja Tanhane 17 March 2019

Zen and Our Connection to Nature  by Anja Tanhane 20 January 2019

Zen Approach to Gratitude  by Anja Tanhane 16 December 2018

Stubbing Our Toes on Emptiness  by Tom Fisher 16 November 2018

Cultivating Community  by Anja Tanhane 21 October 2018

Reflecting on Anger  by Tom Fisher 15 September 2018

Reflections on the Heart Sutra  by Anja Tanhane 19 August 2018

Dogen’s Three Minds  by Anja Tanhane 14 July 2018