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Reflective Talks from 2021

Emptiness by Anja Tanhane July 2021

Every Day is a Good Day by Tom Fisher May 2021

The Thee A’s: Greed, Hated and Ignorance by Tom Fisher April 2021
In this talk, Tom examines the Chinese origins of the terms ‘greed’, ‘hatred’ and ‘ignorance’ and their use in the OMZ book of readings. He suggests that, for some people at least, it might be useful to think of the concepets as ‘attachment’, ‘aversion’ and ‘apathy’. He also puts forward a number of possible antidotes in practice to these ’three poisons’.

Lying Cows and Buddha Nature by Tom Fisher March 2021

The Gifts and Challenges of Ritual by Anja Tanhane February 2021

Warm Hearted Attention by Anja Tanhane January 2021

Reflective Talks from 2020

Zen and Evil by Tom Fisher December 2020

Living in Balance by Anja Tanhane November 2020

Directing and Sustaining our Attention by Anja Tanhane October 2020

Letting go of Being Right by Tom Fisher September 2020
For many of us, there’s something satisfying about winning an argument. The childhood phrase ‘See, I told you so,’ echoes in my mind. In what seems to be an increasingly divided – and hence argumentative – world, this mind-set has been amplified by leaders who appear psychologically unable to admit those with different views may be right​

Bodhisattvas All Around by Tom Fisher August 2020

Being Just this Moment by Anja Tanhane May 2020

Dogen and the Coronavirus by Tom Fisher April 2020

Zen in the Shopping Centre Carpark by Anja Tanhane March 2020

The Five Indriyas and Climate Change by Anja Tanhane February 2020

Reimagining our Connection to Country by Anja Tanhane January 2020

Reflective Talks from 2019

Cultivating Joy & Ease by Anja Tanhane December 2019

The Gift of Non-Striving by Anja Tanhane October 2019

Dance of Sesshin by Tom Fisher September 2019

Giving Life to Life: Buddhist Perspectives on Climate Change by Anja Tanhane August 2019

Practice and Vulnerability by Anja Tanhane July 2019

Buddha Within  by Tom Fisher  May 2019

Why Practise Zazen?  by Anja Tanhane March 2019

Zen and Our Connection to Nature  by Anja Tanhane January 2019

Reflective Talks from 2018

Zen Approach to Gratitude  by Anja Tanhane December 2018

Stubbing Our Toes on Emptiness  by Tom Fisher November 2018

Cultivating Community  by Anja Tanhane October 2018

Reflecting on Anger  by Tom Fisher September 2018

Reflections on the Heart Sutra  by Anja Tanhane August 2018

Dogen’s Three Minds  by Anja Tanhane July 2018