Student Contributions

Contributions from Ordinary Mind Zen students

Trees, grass, dirt and earth: ancient wisdom and modern insights
Contribution by Penny


Just sitting is the essential Zen way to realising our connection with all things, but like many I find spending time in nature is also important to help me remain balanced when faced with personal challenges […]. I am grateful for the inspiration of ancient Indigenous wisdom..”
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The Three A’s
Contribution by Tom

“Zen groups often begin their sutra service with the Purification verse […] As I say this short verse to myself while sitting on my cushion most mornings, I have begun to translate these ‘poisons’ into language I relate to more comfortably, using the mnemonic ‘The Three A’s’.
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Extraordinary Mind
Contribution by Richard

“Over the last month I’ve been experimenting with night photography and image processing, with a recent attempt in my backyard resulting in the photo below […] This is a photo of the galactic core. It is the centre of our Milky Way galaxy in which we live”
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Alone on My Zafu
Contribution by Adrien

Adrien reflects on the experience of attending his first sesshin – including his own drawings! You can enjoy his contribution here
No Way
Contribution by Tom

Tom shares with us a reflection on No Way. You can read it here
Beginning Mind- Taking Refuge in The Buddha
Contribution by Tom

Tom shares with us a reflection on Beginning Mind – Taking Refuge in the Buddha. You can read it here