Student Writings

Crafting Moments of Tranquility

Contribution by Anja
The Japanese expression wakei-seijyaku is made up of four characters – wa means harmony, kei is respect, sei stands for purity, and jyaku for serenity and appreciation. It means taking the time to deliberately ‘craft’ an experience of inner tranquility, to rest in the present noticing a moment of beauty. … More Crafting Moments of Tranquility

Resilient/ Fragile

Contribution by Richard

After hiding dormant through seasons of hot dry weather, from harsh and rocky ground this fragile plant emerged, flowering for two weeks before disappearing. … More Resilient/ Fragile

Wise Hope

Contribution by Anja

Zen teacher and writer Joan Halifax talks about ‘wise hope’, by which she means finding value in our efforts to make the world a better place, even as we understand there is no guarantee what we’re working towards will succeed. … More Wise Hope

Extraordinary Mind

Contribution by Richard

This is a photo of the galactic core. It is the centre of our Milky Way galaxy in which we live. The Milky Way is of a scale that cannot be comprehended by the ordinary human mind. … More Extraordinary Mind

Alone on My Zafu

Contribution by Adrien

I attended my first Sesshin last year and that was a very important experience. The first word that comes to my mind is “intense”. … More Alone on My Zafu