Advice for Future Corpses, and Those Who Love Them

Contribution by Penny
Sally Tisdale is a palliative care nurse and a Zen Buddhist practitioner. Sally’s book is about preparing for one’s own death and the deaths of people close to you. This book is full of deep insight not only into preparing for our own deaths but also into how we can support those we love at the end of their lives. … More Advice for Future Corpses, and Those Who Love Them

Household Practice

Contribution by Richard
Our last intensive Sesshin retreat brought the Sangha together online over four days, in between mindful walking and work practice at home. An unexpected outcome of this, was the emphasis on holding intensive practice within a household setting amongst the noise of family, rather than the usual simplified and quiet structure of Sesshin. … More Household Practice

Life Lessons from the Japanese Tea Ceremony

Contribution by Penny
This is a reflection inspired by a book I have read called: The Wisdom of Tea: Life Lessons from the Japanese Tea Ceremony. It was written by Noriko Morishita who studied Tea Ceremony for 25 years and she describes her gradual discovery of deep insights into life within the very rules that once seemed so constricting. It becomes a celebration of perseverance with spiritual practices even though we feel as though we are making no progress…..practice is all there is … More Life Lessons from the Japanese Tea Ceremony

Wise Hope

Contribution by Anja

Zen teacher and writer Joan Halifax talks about ‘wise hope’, by which she means finding value in our efforts to make the world a better place, even as we understand there is no guarantee what we’re working towards will succeed. … More Wise Hope