The Hummingbird Story

Le mouvement Colibri, faire sa part
Hummingbird movement -do your part.

Contribution by Adrien

I wanted to share a story that I read to my son quite often. It was written by a group of people in France whose focus is on educating and building a more sustainable society – the hummingbird movement.

Several animals lived in the Jungle and lived without worries. One day the animals had to face a huge bushfire and they were all helpless –“ There is nothing we can we do” they said. All except the little “Colibri” (Hummingbird). He was picking small drops of water in his beak and flew over the fire releasing the water. Everyone told him that it was completely useless. The hummingbird replied that he knew that this was far from being sufficient: but he was doing his part. The story finishes with all the animals working together, each doing his part to try and put out the fire.

Pierre Rhabi is an Algerian man who initiated the Hummingbird movement in France – Mouvement Colibris. He is a pioneer of organic agriculture in France. He works for small communities to be food self-sufficient and preserve their cultural heritage. He is also a writer and philosopher.

Created in 2007, the hummingbird movement was born to build a more sustainable society. The goal is to inspire and support citizens.

When I reflect on the story, It is true that I often reflect upon whether my actions make a difference– tangible impact. Sometimes it is good to just do the actions that we know are right. Whether or not they make a difference is not relevant. All the effort will add up eventually.

What is interesting is that the story of the hummingbird does not tell whether the animals where successful or not with the bushfire – it is an open end.


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