Extraordinary Mind

Contribution by Richard

Over the last month I’ve been experimenting with night photography and image processing, with a recent attempt in my backyard resulting in the photo below.

This reminded me of a recent (very lighthearted) idea to rename our group to ‘Extraordinary Mind’.

Extraordinary Mind.

This is a photo of the galactic core. It is the centre of our Milky Way galaxy in which we live.

The galactic core so distant, the light from it has taken 25,000 years to reach earth. This photo hence shows the centre of our galaxy as it was when humankind had started building huts, but before the invention of cooking pots.

The Milky Way is of a scale that cannot be comprehended by the ordinary human mind. If our solar system were represented by the size of a 10-cent coin, on this scale the earth would be smaller than a bacterium, and the Milky Way larger than the Australian continent.

Outside of the Milky Way are an estimated 200 trillion other galaxies. This is more than the number of grains of sand on Earth.

Ordinary Mind.

This is a photo of my house roof. It was taken on a cold and windy winter night, and shows a part of the universe that I’m reverently grateful for, providing one of the protections of life.

The roof has been slightly worrisome of late. It’s getting a little old, the steel fasteners are a bit rusted, and some the coating is worn through. It might need fixing.

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