Meal Sutras

Before Meals

As we open our eating bowls, may we and all existence be freed from self-clinging.

Leader (Breakfast):
This food comes from the efforts of
many workers, past and present, and its ten
advantages give us health and
well being and promote strong practice.

Leader (Lunch):
We offer this meal of three qualities
and six tastes to everyone everywhere
and to all the life of the universe.

First, seventy-two labours brought us this food; we should know how it comes to us.
Second, as we receive this offering,
we should consider whether we understand its nature.
Third, as we desire the natural order
of mind, to be free from clinging we
must be aware of our greed.
Fourth, to support our life we take this food.
Fifth, to attain the Way we take this food.

Leader (Lunch Only):
Now I give this offering to all beings,
this food pervades everywhere.

First this food is for true practice.
Second, it is for our teachers and family.
Third, it is for all cultures and all forms of life.
Thus we eat this food with everyone.
We eat to stop all harming,
To practice serving,
And to accomplish the Awakened Way.

Bowl Cleaning

The water with which I wash these
bowls tastes like ambrosia.
I offer it for a peaceful life for all beings.
May we appreciate our life together.

May we exist like a lotus, at home in the muddy water, thus we bow to life as it is.